The Belt and Road Initiative carries the expectation of open and win-win

2019-11-05 13:19:07 xavimax 8

Since ancent times, China and Uzbekistan have been neighbors with close geographical, cultural and economic links.Uzbekistan was also one of the first countries to respond to the initiative to support the “Silk Road Economic Belt” initiative.In the past six years, China and Uganda have cooperated in the fields of transportation, oil and gas, electricity, agriculture, finance, and investment.


With the new stage of China-Ukraine good-neighborly relations, mutual understanding, mutual respect and mutual appreciation are becoming the common voice of the Chinese and Ukrainian peoples.


"The Belt and Road Initiative" carries the expectation of open and win-win


Historically, Uzbekistan and China have deep roots in material and cultural aspects.Grapes, melons, watermelons, pomegranates and other fruits, carrots, peas and other crops, such as crickets and flutes, were introduced into China by the Western Region.


Because Uzbekistan is a landlocked country and all its neighbors are also landlocked countries, it is one of the only two “double landlocked countries” in the world. The relatively closed traffic environment undoubtedly hinders Uzbekistan’s foreign trade and economic development.


As one of the important nodes along the ancient Silk Road, Uzbekistan has always had the idea of reviving Silk Road.In 1994, Uzbekistan and the United Nations jointly organized an event on the theme of “Revival Silk Road” and published the “Revival of the Great Silk Road Samarkand Declaration”.


China’s "The Belt and Road" Initiative has been actively received by Uzbekistan. In 2014, Uzbek President Karimov visited China, saying that Uzbekistan is willing to actively participate in the construction of the "Silk Road Economic Belt". "Initiative; In 2015, China and Uzbekistan officially signed the "Protocol on Expanding Mutual Benefits and Trade Cooperation under the Framework of the Implementation of the "Silk Road Economic Belt" Initiative". In 2017, Uzbekistan's new President Milziyoev visited China and attended the first session. "The Belt and Road Initiative" International Cooperation Summit. China's "The Belt and Road" Initiative has been actively responded by Uzbekistan, not only because of the inclusive development and mutual benefit and win-win concept proposed by China, but also because of the enhancement of land interconnection. Reappearing the glory of the Silk Road in the past - this also carries the expectation of Uzbekistan's open development.


It is worth mentioning that the first China International Import Expo held last year was highly valued by the Uzbek government.Uzbekistan not only sent a high-level delegation led by Deputy Prime Minister Ottanov, but also organized leading enterprises in various industries such as textiles, agriculture, food, alcohol, building materials and electrical to actively exhibit and showcase Uzbekistan's superior products.The commercial enterprises of the two sides have reached many cooperation intentions and achieved fruitful economic and trade achievements.