President Xi visit Nepal at the first time and confirm the new position bewteen China and Nepal

2019-10-31 12:04:12 xavimax 11

On October 12, President Xi Jinping met with Nepalese President Bundari at the Presidential Palace in Kathmandu.The two heads of state jointly announced that the two sides will build a strategic partnership of friendship between China and Nigeria for generations of development and prosperity in the spirit of mutual aid and win-win cooperation.This is the second visit of the Chinese President to Nepal after a lapse of 23 years. It is also the first visit of President Xi Jinping to Nepal. It is of great significance to determine the new positioning of Sino-Nepalese relations in this historic visit.


The new positioning of Sino-Nepalese relations is based on the historical basis of friendly exchanges between the two countries.After the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Nepal in 1955, the two countries resolved the border issue through peaceful negotiations in the spirit of mutual understanding and mutual accommodation and won the respect and trust of Nepal.In Nepal's internal conflicts and political turmoil, China fully respects Nepal's sovereignty, adheres to the principle of non-interference in internal affairs, and advocates that Nepalese themselves resolve domestic contradictions and conflicts through peaceful consultations.When Nepal is subjected to external pressures and sanctions, China always gives Nepal firm support.China has also provided substantial assistance to Nepal's economic and social development, and has built roads, government buildings, hospitals, schools, stadiums and other projects, and has long-term sent medical teams to serve the Nepalese people.After the 2015 earthquake, China provided reconstruction assistance to Nepal.The friendly exchanges between China and Nepal have set a good example of harmonious cooperation between countries of different sizes and different social systems.


Because of this, friendly cooperation with China has always been the consensus of the Nepalese government and all walks of life, and this is also an important support for the deepening development of Sino-Nepalese relations.Nepal has always firmly adhered to the one-China policy and will never allow any anti-China forces to use the Nigerian territory to engage in separatist activities. This is the consensus of all parties.During the meeting with President Xi Jinping, President Bundari stressed that Nepal is grateful to China for its great support and help over the years, respecting China's sovereignty and territorial integrity, and will never allow any anti-China forces to use Nepali territory for any anti-China activities.


The new positioning of Sino-Nepalese relations will also open a new chapter in the cooperation between the two countries. The beautiful prospect of the "The Belt and Road Initiative" between China and Nepal is particularly promising. As an economically underdeveloped mountain landlocked country, Nepal's international cooperation is geographically restricted. Interconnection is an important prerequisite for Nepal's development. In 2013, Chairman Xi Jinping's "The Belt and Road" Initiative generated positive response in Nepal, which is expected to turn Nepal from "Lu Suoguo" to "Lulianguo".


In recent years, under the framework of the "The Belt and Road Initiative", the pragmatic cooperation between China and Nepal has achieved fruitful results. In 2018, Nepal officially accessed China's broadband network, enabling Nepalese people to enjoy better and more reliable international Internet services. In 2019, China and Nepal signed a protocol for transit transport agreements. The second "The Belt and Road Initiative" international cooperation summit results list listed the China-Nepal Railway as "The Belt and Road Initiative" promotion project. Cross-Himalayan three-dimensional interconnection Network construction, positive development promotes Nepal's infrastructure development, creates more opportunities for Nepal's economic development, and closely links Nepal's future with China, pushing bilateral relations to a higher level.


The Chinese and Nepalese people have dreams and the fate is connected.It is believed that under the new positioning of China-Nepal relations, the continuous expansion of exchanges and cooperation will surely push the friendship between China and Nepal across the Himalayas to a new height.