Stay true to the mission,Keep in mind that the mission

2019-10-31 16:09:49 xavimax 7

In order to help service companies expand overseas channels, and guide Luneng Kaiyuan Group Electric Co., Ltd. to “go global” and promote the high-quality development, the high-quality development team of private enterprises Laiwu High-tech Zone actively contacted all resources, and led Luneng Kaiyuan Group Electric Co., Ltd. Business cooperation with Shandong Max Hydro Power Equipment Ltd.

        On the afternoon of October 11, Shang Mingjun, general manager of Shandong Max Hydro Power Equipment Ltd. visited Luneng Kaiyuan Co., Ltd., and the captain of the high-quality development service team of Laiyi High-tech Zone, the deputy inspector of the Municipal Market Supervision Bureau Feng Aimin, Luneng Company executives such as Feng Yuhua, general manager of Open Source Group Electric Co., Ltd. attended the meeting.General Manager Shang Mingjun first introduced the development history of Max Hydro Power Equipment Ltd. and the business development in Nepal. General Manager Feng Yuhua introduced Luneng Open Source's products and preliminary ideas for opening up overseas markets.Subsequently, General Manager Feng Yuhua and General Manager Shang Mingjun visited the factory and products.

After initial contact, the two companies reached an agreement on opening up overseas markets such as Nepal.The two sides believe that there is a common point of development and a convergence of interests between the two companies, which implies unlimited business opportunities and a broad space for cooperation to complement each other.The two sides agreed that this negotiation will be used as an opportunity to establish a long-term cooperation mechanism.