Francis Type Hydroelectric Generator is the most widely used in the modern world. Its highest efficiency has reached to 95%; Francis Generator has the most widely coverage water head, from 5m to 700m, but in practical use, mainly from 30m to 300m; 

Possess as follows advantages: compact design, reliable operation, high efficiency and easy to install and care; mainly type used for power station is divided into two kinds of structures: vertical and horizontal; Runner diameter in the range of 35 to 100cm,  horizontal turbine is suitable; Runner diameter more than 100cm, vertical turbine is suitable.

MAX Machine Francis Mini Hydroelectric Generator mainly ranges from 30kw to 500kw; After years of experience and study, we can meet various requirements for different power station project. Welcome your questions and inquiries.




Brand advantage

All products of our company have independent intellectual property rights, and have many national technical patents. All the research and development of the products rely on the existing technical team of the company, and at the same time, with the help of domestic and international advanced technology experience, ensure the competitive advantage of the products at home and abroad.

Resource advantages

After the shareholding system reform, the company invested more than 10 million yuan of R & D funds for upgrading and upgrading of products in the past 20 years. At the same time, increase purchase of new digital processing equipment, improve equipment processing technology and  product performance. The company's valuation of fixed assets has reached 3000w US dollars. Our company has been awarded the exemplary innovative enterprise by the Chinese government for many years.

Quality advantage

With product design and processing technology advantages, we have implemented high standard and strict requirements in many aspects of production and testing , so as to ensure product quality has always been top-ranking in the industry. Our company's quality policy is: achieving success on the strength of quality, brand promote, continuous improvement, keep top ranking in the industry, and provide customers with satisfied engineering products and services.